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Friends of Christ


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What is the cost to be in the club?
A: ZIPPO, you do not have to pay anything
Q: How do you join if you don't live in Jackson County?
A: You go to
Q: When I am using the web-site, does it cost me anything?
A: No.  You pay nothing.
Q: How will receive our newsletters?
A: If you go to EJMS you receive them at school, if not we will send them to you if you send us your e-mail address.  This must be done before Friday.  That is when we hand them out at our weekly meetings.
Q: Who is the sponsorors?
A: Joshua Barnett ( owner )
    Brittany Robinett ( co-owner )
    Jackie Morgan ( teacher sponsor )

Q: Do I have to have my parents permission?
A: No, but if you ask your parents they will think you are mature.
Q: Can I have anything to do with the making of the web-site?
A: If you would like to help w/ the web-site, you have to make a sample page for us to judge on a 1-5 scale if you reach a 3-5 we will allow you to help.
Q: Where can my parents get info?
A: On the bar to the LEFT you will see a Parents section, they can go to it.
Q: Can my parents join?
A: Yes, we actually would like for them to join!!!

Thank you for visiting us!