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Friends of Christ


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Welcome Parents!

Hi Parents,
We are very glad that you have decided to check out the site.  If you were wondering if you could sign up, the answer is YES.  WE actually like it when the parents get involved with the club.  You do not have to pay anything to join the club.  We are completely KID-RUN, and private. 
You will not be able to help with the web-site.  This is because we want the club to be KID-RUN.  Right now the owner is 12 years of age, you can e-mail your questions or comments to
You can copy this club in any way unless you want to begin a SCHOOL club at your childs school.  If you would like to do that you will have to get in touch with Joshua Barnett.  You can contact him at the address above.
Josh Barnett

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