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Fly Drifter's River Guides

Come and check out the wonderful trout waters of Georgia and Eastern Tennessee, a place where fly fishing oppurtunities are available year round. Each season offers new and exciting situations for the experienced fly angler as well as beginners. We custom tailor each trip to fit the needs and expectations of every angler.
What to Expect Fly Fishing with Fly Drifters

Fly fishing is one pastime that combines excitement and relaxation together in one package. We strive to make sure every angler enjoys the total package during his or her day on the water. Our float trips include everything needed to make your day a fun and memorable experience, regardless of skill level.

Fly Drifters provides all the fishing gear necessary to keep a person casting all day long. This includes rods, reels, lines, leaders, tippets, and last but not leastthe flies! We realize some folks are a little partial to their own gear, so it's fine to bring along that special rod or reel that you just can't do without. We do recommend some specialty items to bring along such as clothing. Click here for a list of items that should be brought along if you have them.

A long day on the water can often mean growling stomachs. We prepare for this by making sure we have meals on the boat that are custom tailored to each angler. Our day floats include a hearty lunch thats made just to your liking, from the types of snacks to the kinds of deli meats. Were not limited on options here so feel free to request what you like. Anglers with special dietary needs should inform us of required meals and drinks. Cold drinks are plenty and are also stocked according to your personal preferences. On half-day trips we provide drinks and snacks. We'll talk more about what you're having for lunch when you're booking your trip.

What's an incredible day on the water without something to help you remember your outing? We support 100% catch and release so we have an alternative to keeping trophy fish. Our solution is a camera of course. With each float trip comes a photo album of the day's highlights as well as the wonderful scenery. The photo albums are available on conventional film, CD, or floppy disk.

What To Bring

We're happy to supply all the quality fly fishing gear for every trip at no additional cost. However, If you prefer to use your own equipment feel free to bring it along. With that said, there's still a few items you will want to bring along.

Fly Fishing in the south is a year round option. During a normal year we'll experience lot's of mild weather, along with some hot summer days and plenty of cold winter days. The key is to dress appropriately.



Rusty Fowler- Guide

Michael "Rocky" Cox- Guide

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