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Schedule Josh
Schedule Josh
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If your orgainization, club, or company would like to schedule Joshua Barnett for a "Tying Demo", please read the following schedule.  If the dates you wish to schedule Joshua for are not already listed, please contact us at 1-706-354-8500 for more information.

2005 Working Schedule
Jan. 17, 2005
Fly Tying Class
Back Porch Shop
Josh Barnett, Instructor
Jan. 21, 2005
Private Event (Filming)
Norcross, Georgia
Josh Barnett "Tying Flies"
Jan. 22, 2005
Rabun Rendavouz
Dillard House
Rabun, Georgia
Trout Unlimited
Feb. 21, 2005
ORCTU Meeting
Athens, Georgia
Logan's Roadhouse
Feb. 22, 2005
UCCTU Meeting
Miller's Ale House
Roswell, Georgia
Feb. 25, 26, and 27, 2005
Bass Pro in Atlanta
BPS Spring Classic
Josh Barnett "Tying Flies"
Feb. 25 ONLY
5 PM-10 PM Friday Night
Feb. 26, and 27, 2005
ATL Fly Fishing Festival
Gwinnett Civic Center
Josh Barnett "Tying Flies"
Presentation at 4:30 on  Sat. & Sun.
March 5, 2005
Foothills Chapter of Trout Unlimited
Hoot on the Hooch
Sautee Valley
March 19, 2005
NGTO Spring Fling
Josh Barnett "Tying Flies"
Begins at 12:00 PM
April 2, 2005
ORCTU Banquet
Raffles, Auctions, Etc.
April 12, 2005
BPFC Appointment
Customer  # 051
Evening Appt.
April 18, 2005
ORCTU Meeting
'Trout Camp' w/ Charlie and Kathy Breithaupt
May 14, 2005
UCCTU Youth Clinic
Sam Rizzio Youth FF Clinic
Josh Barnett "Tying Flies"
May 30, 2004
BPFC Appointment
Evening Appt.
June 3-4, 2005
Jackson County Relay For Life
June 10-11, 2005
Private Event
Out Of Town-- No Events Can Be Scheduled These Days
June 12-17, 2005
Georgia Youth Trout Camp
Josh Barnett "Tying Flies"
Evening Classes
June 20, 2005
ORCTU Meeting
Kevin McGrath on Back The Brookie
June 21, 2005
Private Event
Cannot Schedule Events Today
June 26 through July 3, 2005
Annual Tennessee Fly Fishing Trip
Private Event -- No Instruction
June 2005
Bass Pro Kids Day
More Information To Come
July 16, 2005
Georgia Women Fly Party
Leslie Miller's Home
July 18, 2005
ORCTU Presentation and Meeting
Mack Martin and Ray Gentry on Alaska
August 2, 2005
Back Porch Fly Company
Private Event
Morning Appointment
August 15, 2005
ORCTU Monthly Meeting
Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park
September 17, 2005
Water's Creek Workday (NGTO)
Water's Creek Check In Station
September 17, 2005
Homecoming -- Private
September 19, 2005
Beta Induction Ceremony -- Private
September 19, 2005
ORCTU Monthly Meeting
Jimmy Harris on Underwater Activities
September 24, 2005
4th Ann. Unicoi OAD
Outdoor Adventure Day
Unicoi SP, Helen, Georgia
Joshua "Tying Flies"
Public Event
2006 Prescheduling Calendar
January 21, 2005
Rabun Rendezvous at the Dillard House
January 21-22, 2005
Atlanta Fly Fishing Festival
Gwinnett Cultural Center
Featured Fly Tier
Please check back often as:

Dates, times, transportation information, and other specific details about your event should be sent to Joshua Barnett two weeks prior to the gathering.  If you wish to, you may e-mail any questions to  Expect a reply between 2-3 business days.