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Joshua Barnett Tying at Little River Out.

Reviews, reviews, reviews...

Review for Oasis Spinner Fly Tying Benches 
 Joshua Barnett
Last Christmas I recieved the new Oasis Spinner Fly Tying Bench, as a gift.  WOW, what an amazing piece of equipment it is.  With a vise plate, twelve thread and wire poles, fourteen "hook or bead" jars, various size holes to hold tools, and many, many more features this is THE BEST tying bench on the market.  I take my Oasis Bench everywhere I go.  Whether it be to the hotel while on a fishing trip, to the shows where I teach tying, or to the stream where I go fishing.  Beautiful wood finishing, accompanied with neat gold hardware.  What would I do without it?

Review for Orvis Battenkill Bar Stock Reel
Joshua Barnett
The Orvis Batenkill BS Fly Reel is by far one of the best reels (and deals) on the market.  With a beautiful black, or silver, finish not only does this reel work great, but it will look great on your favorite rod. 
When I got my Winston WT Rod I also aqquired one of these babies.  The craftmanship, and durability of the reel is uncomparible, and outbeats any other reel I've ever used.

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