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The "Thank You" Fly Drive
                        *Hosted By: Joshua Barnett*

Ladies and gentlemen of the Virtual Fly Box... I would like to announce a national fly drive for our webmaster Mr. Byard Miller... in recognition of him I will be holding opening through December 31, 2002... the most that can join in is 15 so please contact me over the list... when December 31, 2002 rolls around I will give you my address so you can send them to me... any fly is ok... you can tie as many as you won't up to 15... just stick them in a zip-lock bag and send them to me... please... ladies and men this is not a swap... you will not be getting any flies back... it's just our way of saying thanks to Byard Miller... if you are interested in joining the Fly Drive please tell me asap...
tie on... caddisfly

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