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By Joshua Trey Barnett

Josh Barnett Fly Fishing©














Josh Barnett Fly Fishing was started as a resource site now called North Georgia Trout Fishing. Your web-master, Joshua Trey Barnett who is 12 years old, designed the site for not only the viewers pleasure but for a resources site for those who need help, or for those who are well equipped to give help to amateurs.

Joshua Trey Barnett lives in Nicholson, Georgia. Nicholson is located in the North Georgia Foothills. Mr. Barnett currently lives with his mother, father (fly fisherman), and his sister. Joshua started fly fishing 4 years ago. He started tying flies only 2 and ½ years ago. Mr. Barnetts favorite fly to tie is the Barnett Brown©.

Josh has been in numerous swaps. Actually more than most people so in a year. 17 swaps. So far, 4 being his own. The Barnett Brown Streamer, the Anything Swap: By Caddisfly, The Streamer Extravaganza, and his newest, The New Nymph Swap. Josh Barnett has a couple favorite sites which include, Virtual Fly, Fantasy, and Small

Josh currently write his on going book called: The Fly Tying Journal. So far Josh Publishes his monthly report/story on Josh Barnett Fly, and

When Josh grows up he plans to attend college to be an attorney of law. Josh has also made remarks of wanting to open a North Georgia Fly Shop, and work it on the side. Right now Josh ties for his father and other family members.

3 of Joshes family members are in the sport of fly fishing, himself, his father, and his uncle. All are very smart and fond of the North Georgia Mountains. Joshes favorite river to fish is by far the Chattahochee, his favorite lake to fish is a private pond in Roystan, Ga. , his favorite stream to fish is a tie between Smithgall Woods/Dukes Creek and Smiths Creek. Both which are located near, Helen the alpine village.

Josh has two local fly shops. The Bass Pro Shops White River Fly Shop, and The Unicoi Outfitters where he goes to for supplies just about every weekend. Josh owns three fly rods of his own. Two Shakespear Worstichires, and a DogWood Canyon 6 weight.

Currently Josh is a member of North Georgia Trout Online, FFF, Virtual Fly Box, Small Streams, and The Chandler/Barnett Family FF team!

Tie on Joshua Trey Barnett©
















Josh Barnett Fly Fishing is a ® Registered Trademark of NGTF© 2002 Josh Barnett

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