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Here are my current swaps...

Barnett  Brown Streamer Swap
Hey... the swap is closed... thanks everyone...
"Anything Swap" by Caddisfly
3 slots left
to sign up send me an e-mail... thanks

Well the Barnett Brown Swap id oing pretty well... 2 sets of flies in as of 10-19-02... the "Anything Swap" is just getting started... only 10 tiers... deadline is November 09, 2002... join up... 3 slots left as 10-19-02... thanks... caddisfly

To get in touch with other VFB'ers go to and subscribe to the free e-mail list.

Barnett Brown Members:
Deborah Duran
Eddie Dillon
Soren Finne
Joshua Barnett
Iain Short
Mel Hocken
George Church
Jon Jameson
W.D. Smith
Doyle T. Sowerby
Chad Sexton
Wally Lutz
Dean Endress
Neville Gosling

Favorite VFBers:
Byard Miller
Iain Short
Don Ordes
Sister Sue
Joshua Barnett
Mel Hocken
Dean Endress
Neville Gosling

Fly-Fisher of the Month
          *Iain Short*
-----Iain is from the UK... he is a very accomplished fly tier...
       he runs great swaps... and is a really great guy...

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